03. Low-Cost Merchant Platform

01. Call. Order. Deliver.

07. Like A Wholesale Business

11. Your Automatic Sales Channel

05. Increase Sales And Profits

09. Special Packing Not Necessary

13. Capital For Business Expansion

04. Reach Out To All Customers

02. Build Up Your Sales Early

08. Delivery Cost Optional

12. Be Found, Be Everywhere

06. Your One Stop Merchant Centre

10. Receive Payments On The Same Day

14. Quick Marketing For Your Business

  • Monthly printed advertising too expensive
  • Cost for digital advertising too high on news website
  • Leaflet printing and distribution usually cost thousands
  • Search engine advertising too wide and not localized
  • Reach Customers
  • Get Direct Orders
  • Deliver Your Products
  • Get Paid On The Same Day
  • Repeat Your Sales

With e-selling, suddenly your business is turned into a wholesale shop. Just make sure you have stocks ready to be delivered.

E-commerce sells to customers from all locations via online, no need to service customers and explain your products, your ad automatically does all the selling for you.

  • Open up more doors to receive orders
  • Almost everybody are using phone to make purchases
  • Run your business 24-7 and 365 days a year

No need to use special packing for delivery like a courier service, just use your normal packing or plastic/paper bags as usual except for fragile or special items.

Saves cost on human resources and other rental and overhead expenses. Now you can allocate more resources for your business expansion plans.

  • Join e-selling now, early birds gets the worm
  • Sell to more than 1.13 million Negeri Sembilan customers
  • Give your business a chance for exponential growth

Online search & buy is here to stay. It is growing bigger, faster, and easier to use. More and more people are making online purchases. Early bird wins the customers.

Your customers pay for the cost of delivery. Our delivery fee is very competitive. You can choose to offer free deliveries for a minimum purchase.

Earn much more than you would expect from the limits of sales outlet. Suitable for all kinds of business whether products or services, big or small, just let customers find you.

  • E-commerce is big business and are still growing
  • Get found by customers, receive order and deliver
  • No internet experience needed

No need to wait for days or weeks for your profits from "payment gateways". No need to pay big commissions for each transaction that reduces your profit.

Easily do promotions to bring in more profits. Making your business simple and stress-free. Create new ads to quickly market your products or new launches to bring in the sales.

* Data based on year 2019 population provided by Department Of Statistics Malaysia.

* All deliveries will be carried out upon confirmation of delivery order.

* Creating new advertisement will incur design charges.